Tech Charge Triple Port Digital 15000

Charge up to 3 devices simulatenously at fast speeds whilst knowing the exact amount of power left with the help of the digital percentage power display.


  • Very high capacity: 15,000mAh is sufficient to charge an iPhone 8 nearly 6 times.


  • Fast charging: 2 x USB-A ports deliver 1A and 2.4A, whilst the USB-C port delivers 2.4A.


  • Charge 3 devices at once: 2 via a USB-A port and 1 via the USB-C port.


  • Digital display: provides a percentage power reading to ensure you have enough power for the day ahead.


  • Premium soft touch finish adds style as well as protection from bumps and scratches.


  • Intelligent charge technology: detects your device and ensures that just the right amount of power is delivered at the maximum speed your device allows for.


  • Superior 5 stage power protection: Over heating, over voltage, short circuit, over current and over charge protection make Tech Charge a brand that you can trust.


  • 2 year warranty for peace of mind

Tech Charge Triple Port Digital 15000

SKU: 5060599880365
  • Capacity 15,000mAh
    Input (Micro USB) 2.4A
    Input (USB-C) 2.4A
    Output (USB-A) 1A
    Output (USB-A) 2.4A
    Output (USB-C) 2.4A
    Weight 345g
    Dimensions 146*75*22mm


    • 15,000mAh power bank
    • 30cm micro USB cable
    • User manual