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Tech Charge Dual Port 13600
  • Very high capacity: 13,600mAh of power sufficient to charge an iPhone 7 around 5 times, a Galaxy S8 around 2.5 times or an iPad Air 2 around once.


  • Intelligent charge technology: detects your device and ensures that just the right amount of power is delivered at the maximum speed your device allows for.


  • Fast charge: A rapid charge port provides 2.4A of power with the addition of another 1A charge port to allow 2 devices to charge simultaneously.


  • Superior 5 stage power protection: Overheating, over voltage, short circuit, overcorrect and overcharge protection make Tech Charge a brand that you can trust.


  • The built in LED Torch is a great additional feature when outdoors


  • Available in Black and Grey Soft touch for a premium look and feel.


  • Micro USB cable is also included.


  • 2 year warranty

Tech Charge Dual Port 13600

SKU: 1711
£39.99 Regular Price
£24.99Sale Price
  • Capacity 13600 mAh
    Input 5V 2A
    Output 1 5V 1A
    Output 2 5V 2.4A
    Dimensions 10.4*7.9*2.2 cm


    • Can I use a USB cable other than the one that came with the Tech Charge power bank?

    Yes, other cables can be used to charge your devices. However, to ensure compatibility and the best possible performance, we strongly recommend using your device’s original (OEM) cable, a third-party certified (MFI) cable, or the cable included.


    • What devices are compatible with the power bank?

    The power bank is compatible with Apple, Android and almost all other devices charged via USB except for devices such as iPod nano and iPod Classic.


    • Do I need to press the power button when charging other devices?

    Yes, simply connect your device to the power bank and press the on button at the top of the power bank.


    • What does the LED indicate when the power banks is charging itself or other devices?

    The LED lights indicate how much charge the power bank has, with 1 light being 0-25%, 2 lights being 25-50%, 3 light for 50-75% and 4 lights for 75-100% charge.


    • How long will the charge in the power bank last without being used?

    The static power consumption on Tech Charge power banks is low meaning that it would take roughly between 20 and 36 months to drain completely. In order to extend battery lifespan, we do recommend that the power bank is drained and recharged roughly every 4 months to keep the internal chemicals active.


    • Can the power bank be taken on board airplanes?

    Yes, all external batteries with a capacity lower than 27027mAh (100 Watt Hours) can legally and safely be taken on board airplanes in your hand luggage according to Federal transportation security rules. We do however recommend that you double check the latest rules by contacting your airline prior to your flight.


    • Can I use my device while it is charging with the power bank?

    Yes, although this will of course drain the battery at a faster rate, meaning that it takes longer and requires more energy to charge your device back up.


    • Does the battery pack have intelligent charge technology (prevent overcharging)?
      Yes, this Tech Charge power bank has intelligent charge technology that has over-charging protection.


    • What is the power output?

    5V 2.4A via both of the USB-A ports and 5V 3A via the USB-C port


    • What is the power input?

    5V 2A via the micro USB port and 5V 3A via the USB-C port


    • Is there a warranty?

    Yes, all Tech Charge power banks come with a 2 year warranty to give you peace of mind.


    • Does it matter which port on the power bank I use?

    Yes, one has a 1A ouput and the other has a 2.4A output. Both outputs are compatible with smartphones, but we recommend that larger devices such as tablets use the 2.4A port.


    • How do I charge the power bank back up?

    Simply use the Micro USB cable provided with your Tech Charge power bank and plug into your wall charger, laptop, car etc. Be sure to check the output speeds of the USB port you use to recharge your power bank- a charger with a 2A or higher output will recharge the power bank at it’s fastest speed.

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